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What is EasyBox


What is Easybox ?

Easybox is an integrated front-end application package that runs on Microsoft Office 365. It promote utilization of information assets of small and medium enterprises.

Cloud & Mobile Friendly

Easy access everywhere and share information

Enables mobility and allows you to work away from the office, using your smart phone or tablet. Mobile capabilities provide ability to submit reports at any time, respond to customers immediately, spend time effectively, and prevent opportunity loss.

Graphical Dashboard

Visualize dairy performance on graphical dashboard

Automatic visualization of all information entered in Easybox, such as sales report, opportunity report, various application forms, and other posted information


Assist Sale & Marketing Activities

System supports your sales force

Is your sales report just for reporting purpose? The answer must be “No”. Easybox enables each reports as valuable information for your organization by visualizes the data from reporting, and arrange next schedule on your calendar automatically.

Document management

Strengthen company-wide capabilities with sharing all of information

Secured document management space where team members can share their information from their closed PC or file servers.


Support Paperless workflow

Accelerate digitalization and paperless workflow

Digitalize various application tasks, such as business trip application and expense adjustment, realize visualization of paperless and expenses workflow. It prevents excessive use of expenses, contributes to cost reduction and profit improvement.



Empower your company with "Information Assets"

Familiar Office and business application that are increasing rapidly, business becomes more convenient.

Migrate from pre-installed Microsoft Office. Our useful business application is used as cloud service immediately, the modus operandi of your organization improves and productivity will increase.

EasyBox Solutions

Empower Your Company With "Information Assets"



Why Easybox ?

Discover the key features of Easybox that can help on your organization


Visualize project status & progress

Automatically visualize all your project information to gain immediate understand of your business status at a glance.

Customize to your needs

Combine Office 365 features and create business applications according to your demand

Automate system to ease your job

It can be processing some task automatically such as response to post report, set activities, reminder and etc.

Tonne of add on apps

Various apps is available to download for further assits you on your productivity and enhance the function and features as a whole. More new apps will be added form time to time without any additional charges!


Add apps


Add on apps

Tonnes of add on apps is available for download to makes your Easybox application even better! More apps will be added in the future without any additional cost! It is totally free! Checkout below for some of the apps that available:


Sales Activity Box

The system supports day-to-day sales activities and negotiation correspondence that build relationships with customers.

Group Box

Improve the cooperation of the entire team with all application in one service, sharing files made convenience!

Inquiry Box

The system supports the ticketing of the inquiries from the customers, it also handles the IT system internally preventing miscommunications.

Document Management Box

The system rearranges all the documents and legal files properly so that searches of files are simple and faster.

Ledger Management Box

The ledger functions lighten the duty of the management, managing the employee’s rooster and the company’s assets.

Dashboard Box

Improve the cooperation of the entire team with all application in one service, sharing files made convenience!




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