Unable to catch timely proceeds or profits circumstances.


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It is difficult to make timely management decision accurately until sales and profit monthly reports received from accountant and tax accountants.
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It is important for higher management to provide timely judgements on sales, cost and profit situation. However, many companies could not grasp the profit situation until monthly or quarterly settlement of accounts.
Is it impossible to make quick decision from the status of sales, cost and profit in real time?
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Understand the business situation at a glance!
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It is possible to make sound decisions with the view of multiple graphs showing the status of sales, expenses and profit all at a glance.
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Easybox to solves your problem!
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Besides the sales tasks and item information, input all the fixed cost data, such as employee salary, utility bills, rental fees to be managed by Easybox.
Sales cost are automatically calculated, and approximate profit situation and the future forecast are graphed on real time.
You do not have to wait till for the monthly or quarterly account settlement report to make appropriate management decisions.
Easybox, your management compass!