Takes time to prepare for meeting


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It requires much time to create a document (such as graphic) to be use for regular meeting because the tasks are organized is spreadsheet and documents.
Issue Description
The amount of time used to create documents for the regular sales meeting, organizing task on the notebook and spreadsheet.
Are you spending too much time creating materials for every meeting?
In fact, time should be use effectively to visit customers and making effective sales plan rather than preparing meeting materials.
How to solve these problems?
Solution Title
Reduce meeting preparation time
Solution Description
By graphing the data stored in the list and creating a format with the graphic design. All you need to do is just update the data! The graph is updated automatically.
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Solution with Easybox!
Description (Solution)
Just register the required information in Easybox and create a dashboard type graph once.
Whenever you update your tasks, dashboard would be updated automatically. Updating the information will automatically updates the dashboard so you do not have to spend time preparing documents for the meeting. The dashboard makes your meeting changing to significant time.
Easybox can change your meeting time to strategic time. Let’s try it!