Paper approval inconvenience


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Expenses and overtime application are not settled when the settler is out because you need their stamp or signature on the paper. Moreover, the use of paper increases the storage costs.
Issue Description
There are many paper applications in the company. It may cause some confusion on the staff as they do not know the status of their application, the application submitted is lost or that they are unable to make immediate submission.
In addition, it is unable to grasp the status of budget expenditure when the expense applications are in paper form.
Is there any solution of such problem?
Solution Title
Resolves approval settlement!
Solution Description
Systemizing from applicant and approval to settlement, administrator can also settle from the outside of the office. In addition, as electric data it is possible to reduce paper and storage space costs.
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Easybox helps to solves the problem.
Description (Solution)
Easybox makes it possible to digitize various paper works and configure a workflow system. The authorizer will receives approval request by email automatically, and the applicant will be able to check the status of their application. There is no need to worry about losing print application.
You will be able to check the budget situation to prevent over spending.
Easybox, the best choice of work flow.