Unable to access company’s information from the outside.


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Since information is stored in an in-house fileserver or personal computer, it is impossible to view the information from the outside while there may be situations leading to opportunity loss.
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A salesperson is out to meet clients often. When the client requests something and you need to access and reply to internal documents from the in-house server and you can’t make it and may lose the opportunity to negotiate the opportunity. It will be a waste of time, to return to the office just to report.
Inability to access the company’s information and system from the outside, may cause opportunity loss and waste tend to occur. How can we solve such problem?
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Access information on the go!
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Saving information in the cloud service, it is possible to access in-house information anytime and anywhere from your devices.
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No problem with Easybox!
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By saving the information on the cloud service, you can access the information at anytime and anywhere with your devices. Easybox provides you an app for mobile phone too. Even on small screens of the mobile phone you will be able to access to the information, respond to inquiries quickly.
You can reduce loss of opportunity and wasted time to increase profit.