Unable to grasp the sales opportunity


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As the number of sales person and sales increases, the company do not know how much each sales person has in hand and the process of the matter.
Issue Description
As the number of sales increase, it becomes difficult to grasp the number of cases, sales order accuracy and sales prospects from each salesperson.
If we cannot grasp the anticipated sales, it will be difficult to plan and make appropriate management decisions.
How can we get a firm understanding of the number of sales and link them to appropriate business policy and make better management decisions?
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Share business opportunity
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By storing and sharing sales matter is necessary to understand the current situation in real time. We will be able to quickly be able to find out the bottleneck immediately.
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Easybox eliminate the problem!
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Saves all sales matters in Easybox sales list and update the progress accordingly. It is possible to grasp the number of business cases, sales prospects, projects requiring salesperson’s assistance quickly and be follow up properly.
By grasping the situation of an opportunity at various angle, such as salesperson, order confirmation, expected sales, sales time, business negotiation situation and so on, it is possible to improve the order confirmation accuracy of each individual projects.