Unknown person in charge of a client.


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As your clientele database grows, the more information you will receive. It will be confusing who should be contact the client.
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Information of the person in charge of the client are written in the salesperson’s notebook or spreadsheet in the computer. With the increasing number of salesperson and clients, there could be a confusion who should be contacting which client and what kind of client they are.
The information of the person in charge of the client is very important as they are the asset for the company’s growth.
How do you share client’s address, profile and personality to keep in contact with them?
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Searching for person in charge of a client with ease!
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Saving and sharing client’s information in the list leads in a glance! Contacting the client from the outside is made easy.
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Easybox solves your problem!
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It is easy to share client’s information such as contact address, profile and personality within the organization with Easybox.
Apart from sharing the Client’s preferences, Easybox also enable to share the profile of the sales representative such as work experience, career projects, expertise, and personality can be shared and changed to the company’s asset.